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Parenting Skills Coaching

Parenting counseling, or coaching, is a therapeutic intervention in which a therapist works with parents to develop effective parenting strategies and support the parents with various parenting challenges. This type of psycho-education often deals with specific parenting issues such as discipline, communication, behavior management, and coping with stress related to parenting. The goal is to equip parents with the tools they need to address these issues effectively. Whereas family therapy involves all family members, parenting therapy focuses solely on the parent(s). Meeting with a clinician for parenting skills also differs from couples therapy in that parenting does not focus on the romantic couple, rather their roles as parents. Now that we have some background knowledge on what the goal of parenting skill sessions are, let’s look into the key aspects of this intervention.

Skill Development

Parenting education sessions help parents acquire new parenting skills and strategies to address specific challenges they may be facing as parents. The therapist tends to place a strong emphasis on skill development, offering parents practical techniques and strategies for improving their parenting abilities. Therapists may teach techniques for setting boundaries, using positive reinforcement, and promoting healthy development in children. Parenting sessions often involve discussions and reflections on past parenting experiences. Therapists offer feedback on parents' actions, helping them become more aware of their strengths and areas to improve in skill development.

Conflict Resolution

Therapists create a safe space for parents to express their conflicts and concerns openly. Through guided discussions, they explore the underlying issues and emotions contributing to the conflict. De-escalation techniques are commonly taught so parents can recognize signs of escalating conflict and know how to work together and intervene early to prevent conflicts from becoming more heated. This may involve using calming techniques and taking breaks when necessary.


Effective communication is crucial within families, and a key component of successful parenting. Parenting sessions can enhance not only the way parents communicate with their children, but also how they communicate with each other as a parental unit. This can help parents to improve their listening skills, be able to better express themselves, and foster open and empathetic communication with their children.

Stress Reduction

Helping parents manage and reduce stress is essential for their well-being and their ability to provide effective and nurturing care for their children. Therapists may teach stress awareness, mindfulness, and coping skills during parenting sessions. Therapists may also encourage the importance of prioritizing self-care and strengthening their social support networks.

Parenting skill sessions are available at SafeSpace, located at 2683 US-34, Oswego, IL. If you think this therapeutic technique could be beneficial to you and your family, call 630-551-8602 to speak with an employee today. More information canbe found at

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