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Has Depression Depleted You of Joy and Energy?

If you feel drained of hope, energy, and a zest for life, depression treatment at SafeSpace can provide you with relief and customized tools for coping.


Do you have difficulty recalling the last time you were happy or experienced sustained joy? Are relationships and activities that once provided pleasure now deprived of meaning and comfort? Is it hard to imagine that you will ever find hope, healing, and relief from symptoms of depression? 

You may feel like sadness crept into your life, causing it to spin out of control before you could even recognize what was going on. Though you may have maintained a healthy and positive outlook in the past, it’s now difficult to recognize the sad and lethargic person you’ve become. 

Certain physical symptoms may have impacted your performance and daily functioning. Maybe you’ve noticed your sleep patterns fluctuate or that you experience lingering exhaustion you just can’t seem to shake. It could be that changes in appetite and exercise have led to weight gain or weight loss, causing you to feel further out of tune with your body. 

When it comes to your overall surroundings, you may have noticed that you’ve lost your energy or zest for life. This shift has likely affected your relationships and caused you to experience a decrease in confidence or self-esteem. Everyday joys no longer have their luster, and things are beginning to feel increasingly colorless in a world dulled by chronic sadness. 

But it is possible to re-energize your purpose and revive your life’s vibrancy. With therapy, you can find your way out of depression. 


What Starts As Manageable Sadness Can Quickly Become Persistent Depression

Sadness is a common and inescapable human emotion. We are all touched by experiences of hardship, loss, and grief that create mental and emotional hurdles for us. Yet when these periods of distress become prolonged, unshakeable, and detrimental to our daily functioning, it may be time to seek help for depression. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to parse instances of grief from clinical depression. It’s healthy to react emotionally to a painful experience or event. But when thoughts become dark, hopeless, and self-harmful, we begin to suffer from intensified, counterproductive feelings and behaviors. 

It’s nevertheless hard to escape prolonged sadness once it takes hold of our lives. As symptoms of depression develop, they begin to distort our thoughts and negatively impact our mindset. And though overcoming depression can be a struggle out of the quicksand, treatment can help aid in symptom reduction and healing. 

Working with our therapists at SafeSpace, you can learn the coping skills needed to manage your depression. As you gain awareness of your emotions and strengths, you can feel increased confidence in yourself and hope for the future. 


Depression Treatment Makes A Healthier Relationship With Yourself


Living inside the confines of depression can make it difficult to have clarity on yourself and your needs. Therapy offers the valuable perspective of a trained, empathetic clinician who can help you understand depression, the symptoms it’s presenting in your life, and how to manage them.  

With this kind of attentive, tailored care, you can begin to build a customized toolbox for coping with depression.  

Counseling at SafeSpace begins with an intake designed to give you a chance to collaborate with your therapist on your depression treatment plan. By gathering relevant background information, your counselor will understand more about your symptoms, history, and which approach to take in treating your depression (including if medication may be necessary). 

Though we draw from many evidence-based behavioral and trauma-informed methods at SafeSpace, we are primarily client-centered in our approach. That means our therapists get to know you on an individual level so that we can empower you to harness your strengths and innate abilities. 

We know from decades of experience that the best way to ensure lasting relief is to help you feel gifted, valued, and capable of overcoming your depression. Working with our clinicians, you can develop solutions tailored to your precise symptoms and solutions that will last you a lifetime. 

Though depression can make life lackluster and challenging, it’s a common mental health issue that can be managed with treatment. The empathetic therapists at SafeSpace are here to be your anchor out of the quicksand so that you can feel optimistic and in control of your life again. 

Maybe you’re curious about how to deal with depression, but you still have some questions… 


I identify with some of these symptoms, but how do I know if I have clinical depression?


Depression has many causes, including genetics, chemical imbalance, and situational stressors. If you’ve recently undergone a significant transition—including an instance of loss or grief—then certain symptoms of depression may indicate a healthy emotional response of sadness. 

However, if sadness has lingered to the point that you have decreased interest in the things that once brought you joy, you may benefit from depression treatment. If you’re finding that you’d rather isolate than engage in your activities or relationships, then a therapist can offer you tailored tools for overcoming depression. 

You don’t have to move through your sadness alone. The therapists at SafeSpace can help you understand your emotions and if you’re struggling with clinical depression. 


I’ve noticed physical pains and symptoms without a known source—is this a sign of depression?

If you’re suffering from pain, nausea, digestive issues, or other discomfort that coincides with emotional distress, then you may have depression. And if you’ve noticed that these pains don’t respond to medications or that you are not having the desired effects of those medications, it’s because these symptoms may not actually derive from a physical source.


Depression treatment can help relieve physical symptoms with the use of somatic therapies and holistic methods. Paying attention to the body’s reaction to depression, your therapist at SafeSpace can better understand how physical and emotional symptoms interconnect, offering tailored strategies for relief. 


I experience severe sleep issues—can depression treatment help? 

Insomnia and hypersomnia are very common symptoms of distress, adding to daily feelings of lethargy and exhaustion that are often characteristic of depression. In therapy for depression, you can learn specific behavioral tools and comprehensive approaches to help you relax and soothe your distress at night. 

You Can Recapture The Strength And Energy To Face Life With Confidence 

If you’re at a loss for a sense of happiness or joy in your life, depression treatment at SafeSpace can help you live more optimistically. To schedule an intake, we invite you to fill out a contact form or call (630) 551-8602 to find out more about how to treat depression. 

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